Feast of Mystics
Rabbi Zach and Chef Micah Fredman teachings, a gourmet feast and wine pairings to give over inspiration towards holidays that we may carry into our own homes. We delight in the music, stories and traditions as we celebrate the holiday.

Upcoming events include: Feast of Mystics Sukkot October 6th, Feast of Mystics Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat and Pesach. Check the calendar for dates.


Kabbalat Shabbat
Honoring the tradition that Shabbat was the center of communal life, we will gather as a family twice a month to welcome Shabbat with wisdom, discussion and music, led by Rabbi Zach and the Ephichorus. Casual dinner following. Everyone is welcome to attend. Check the calendar for dates.


Devotions Collective

 Join us as Rabbi Zach welcomes a community of master artisans from diverse fields, united by the spirit of their work, their devotion. In conversation and collaboration, they are generating new modalities for modern spirituality and service. Dates to be announced.


Learning and Discussion Salons with Rabbi Zach

Join Rabbi Zach for a monthly study salon, as we peer into Judaism’s wisdom on the cluster of feelings, practices, and stories that appear in our tradition and our daily lives. As is always the case with our methodology, we hope the stories we study will illuminate the lived experience of our inner lives, and vice versa.

When: 6:30pm. Thursday September 14th, Monday October 30th, Tuesdays: November 21st, December 19th, January 16th, February 27th, March 27th, April 24th, May 22nd
Where: Host location provided with your RSVP:


The Maqam Project
Rabbi James Stone Goodman and the Epichorus present a weekly video series, offering a palette of little wisdoms by way of the Judeo-Arabic musical tradition — Maqam. Every Torah Portion is associated with a musical figure called a *Maqam, Arabic cognate to the Hebrew maqom Place.